About us


To set new standards of ethics and excellence in delivering to our customers superior quality and value-for-money residential and commercial spaces by employing a team of highly motivated and focused professionals.


With over 15 years of experience, Target Reign provides an innovative and comprehensive service that delivers turnkey, proven results.

At Target Reign we have the quality of service & resources to meet all your needs with wide and varied shopfitting experience, interior and retail design abilities, renovation and refurbishment skills, and a passion for creating unique environments every time.

We are a group of professionals who recognize each other’s strengths and play them to your advantage. Our experience means we can deliver what you expect, a high standard of quality finish at a competitive price.

We understand that each business has its own requirements and therefore we pay great attention to getting to know our clients and their individual objectives.

Our goal is to employ the best renovation practices in order to give you a home that becomes a matter of pride for you.

We can help you with the following works :

• Interior Renovation & Remodeling Services

• Interior Design Services

• Professional Handyman Services


We involve you in every step of the home renovation process. We understand your ideas and work hard to give it a shape.

If you want to get rid of the old claw-foot bathtub and install a modern one, we will upgrade it to match your lifestyle.

We take special care in upgrading the electrical system of your home and ensure safety of your family and belongings.

If you are looking to finish the basement and add an entertainment room, we can deliver you additional living space.

Why Choose Us

Every home owner has a list of handyman, home repair, or home improvement projects which they wish to get it done but due to today’s busy lifestyles, most people are unable to make time to look after their household needs. You can entrust upon us to execute your work with complete professionalism, based on the below offerings.

Our services includes :


Electrical Services

Interior Maintenance

Place Remodel


Home Addition

Cost Effective Deliverance

1) Deliverance within the deadline, as material, manpower & production are inhouse.

2) All our services (Technical service, Materials) are done and supplied inhouse.

3) Our well experienced team are capable to handle and assist you at any stage of project execution.

Added Benefit

After Care.

1) As per project BOQ, we can provide you with Material Charts & Samples

2) We have our own inhouse building materials supply.

3) You can demand a Mockup if you wish, to get a better understanding.

1) Our pro-active aftercare team supports you in your new workspace for as long as you need them.

About us

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You are a person with great vision and goals. You’re driven and passionate. You know what you do, and more importantly, why you do it. You’ve experienced success and you’re ready for the next breakthrough. Sound familiar? We’ll make a great match.